Building Character with Rage-Mages and Crossbow Paladins

Welcome to Building Character – a new and frankly ill-conceived series of my weirdest character build ideas. This will be a fun chance for me to get out some of my more bizarre concepts without having to actually end up playing them, and also a way for me to share some of the stranger concepts I’ve actually played for.

Just as a quick note – these are meant to fun or funny, not particularly effective. I aim for functional, but beyond being “playable,” don’t expect too much in terms of power.

In any case, let’s get on with the show!

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School of Shadow Magic Wizard (v1)

The phrase “seeing is believing” is the bread-and-butter of the illusionist, who plies their trade in false truths and visible lies. But some take the study even farther, eschewing normal illusions for far tougher stuff, woven out of the shadowy essence of another plane. Halfway between illusion and conjuration, practitioners of Shadow Magic can make an illusory blade hurt just like a real one… as far as you know, anyway.


Check below for more on the School of Shadow Magic!

School of Shadow Magic Wizard

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School of Demonology Wizard (v1)

To usher in the new era of the Hellish Update, we have the binder of demons, the dominator of fiends, and the quintessential master of summonings. It takes a lot to control a being as powerful, vain, and self-centered as a fiend, and these spellcasters do so with vigor and enthusiasm.


Read on for more about the School of Demonology!

School of Demonology Wizard v0.5

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School of Artifice Wizard (2.0)

The Artificer is one of D&D’s more unusual classes, as it normally has its place only in high-magic, pseudo-science fiction, magi-tech settings. After all, who ever heard of a robotic golem-elf in Lord of the Rings*? However, the idea of magical crafting need not be so limited – surely artificers of magic exist in every world, even if their applications aren’t so technological.

*The presence of Gollum-elves depends on your view of the origins of the hobbit species.


Enter the School of Artifice wizard, enchanter and magic item maker extraordinaire!

School of Artifice Wizard

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School of War Wizard (2.0)

The inevitable Warmage – one of the first concepts many people try in D&D. It was certainly one of my first character concepts, and I’ve been fond of it ever since. This take on it focuses on tactics and strategy. The thinking soldier, as it were.


Check the dossier below for everything about the School of War!

School of War Wizard

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School of Theology Wizard (2.0)

I thought I had stumbled upon a pretty fun idea here, and then Wizards of the Coast released their own take on it like two days later. However, I’m not a fan of their “cleric but better and with wizard spells” take on it, so instead…


Read below, and get your master’s in the School of Theology wizard!

School of Theology Wizard

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