Back in Business!

Hello all!

Today’s just a short update to say that we’re officially back in business.

I started a new job a couple of weeks back, and unfortunately got caught up in work for a while. Things have calmed down now though, so here we are – back to homebrew and homebrewing.


Coming soon…

  • The long-awaited (and hard to write) Druid breakdown!
  • New subclasses for Sorcerer, Bard, and more!
  • A super secret project, practically days in the making!

Stay tuned everyone!

Website Update!

Hello everyone, and welcome to tax week!

No, seriously, this is the week I do my taxes. There’s no currently planned tax-based subclasses coming up (though who knows, to be honest).


So while I was able to post the Chemist Rogue earlier this week (due to it being finished at the same time as the Anatomist), unfortunately the next class design article on Clerics isn’t quite done yet.

Dont worry, however – once my taxes are done and the latest rush project at work is complete, we’ll be right back to a normal schedule.


Now for a sneak peek! Coming up next week we have…

  • Channel Homebrew – A Guide to Clerics
  • Unnamed Homebrew How-To About Monsters
  • And one selection from the following exciting homebrew possibilities:
    • School of Force Magic (Wizard)
    •  Circle of Decay (Druid)
    • School of Kleptomancy (seriously)


Stay tuned!

Coming Soon… How to Brew!

Well, I’m back after spending the holidays with no wifi (truly a fate worse than death) and, on top of that, being horribly ill the whole time.

But enough about me and my lousy Constitution score, there are announcements to make!


Next week I’ll be starting a series of tutorials on homebrewing!

These articles – currently called “Brewer’s Tools” – are aimed at giving advice to novice and master homebrewers alike. For those of you new to ‘brewing, these should help you get a better idea of what you’re doing. And for the more experienced out there, this should serve as a good way to get an idea of my own personal styles (and maybe let me know about your techniques too).

Don’t worry, new homebrew isn’t going to be absent while I’m doing all this – a new creation should be coming tomorrow! And trust me, it’ll be punishing… for me. Since I’m still sick.


Oh well. Onwards!

School of War Wizard (2.0)

The inevitable Warmage – one of the first concepts many people try in D&D. It was certainly one of my first character concepts, and I’ve been fond of it ever since. This take on it focuses on tactics and strategy. The thinking soldier, as it were.


Check the dossier below for everything about the School of War!

School of War Wizard

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