Sorcerer – Arcane Monstrosity (v1)

A melee sorcerer? On this recently revived newsfeed? It isn’t a hallucination! This is actually happening, and hopefully it’ll really, really creep you out. But look past all that monstrous nature, and you’ll find a heart of- is that a third set of teeth? Why do you have those?


Read on below for the Arcane Monstrosity sorcerer!

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Timewarped Sorcerer (v1)

Time passes so quickly – get a new job, and suddenly its been a month since you’ve made a new homebrew. But time doesn’t pass the same for everyone… some pay too much attention, and can practically feel the time slipping through their fingers. Others are too lax, and find time to be a thing they only occasionally notice at all.


For the ones who fall somewhere in between, there is the Timewarped Sorcerer!

-Sorcerer- Timewarped v1

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Wishful Sorcerer (v1)

Be careful not to get whiplash from today’s update. Far from being cursed, this sorcerer is a source of granted desires and fulfilled wishes. Imbued with the power to aid others in realizing their dreams, this sorcerer is dedicated to sharing their power humbly and graciously.

Read on for a look at the Wishful Sorcerer!


Wishful Sorcerer

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Cursed Descendant Sorcerer (v1)

Last in the Hellish Update, and in honor of all the cursing I did at myself for losing this next ‘brew and wasting a few days re-making it, here’s a sorcerer who is definitively used to being cursed! In fact, for them the curse is everything – past, present, and future.

Read on and join in the anguish of the Curse Descendant!


Curse Descendant Sorcerer

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