Pal Around with the Paladin

Truth, righteousness, honor… all are most definitely words. If you’re a paladin, they may or may not be the only words you actually know.

Is it a good idea to have a self-avowed rogue write a post about paladins? Sure! I promise I’ll be (mostly) fair and even-handed. After all, who better to hang out with than the Paladin?

Pretty much anyone, actually.

Remember, if it doesn’t have the words “justice” or “glory” it’s probably a fighter feature!

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Building Character with Rage-Mages and Crossbow Paladins

Welcome to Building Character – a new and frankly ill-conceived series of my weirdest character build ideas. This will be a fun chance for me to get out some of my more bizarre concepts without having to actually end up playing them, and also a way for me to share some of the stranger concepts I’ve actually played for.

Just as a quick note – these are meant to fun or funny, not particularly effective. I aim for functional, but beyond being “playable,” don’t expect too much in terms of power.

In any case, let’s get on with the show!

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Oath of Dragons Paladin (2.0)

Much as this is one of my oldest homebrew creations, metallic dragons are some of the oldest do-gooders in the D&D world. This oath focuses on those paladins inspired by the oldest heroes. They draw upon the wisdom of eons, keeping a tradition older than time alive for years to come.


To take on the mantle of the Dragon Knight, read below for more on the Oath of Dragons paladin!

Oath of Dragons Paladin

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