Circle of the Forest Druid (v1)

Locals know them as wise people, but overly suspicious and secretive. Powerful villains give them a wide berth – their eyes and ears are everywhere, and they can quite literally turn a walk in the woods into a suicide mission. Quiet, subtle, and powerful, these druids are more than just woodsy hermits.


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-Druid- Circle of the Forest v1

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Circle of the Night Druid (1.0)

Wilderness borders cities. At least, that’s how most see it – but the primal wildness of nature cannot be contained or kept out. No city, no town, no kingdom is immune to the darkest desires that lurk in the hearts of all living creatures.


When that wildness surges to the forefront, few know how to deal with it better than the Circle of the Night Druids.

Circle of the Night Druid

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