Late Review – The Complete Priest’s Handbook

I was quite excited to get The Complete Priest’s Handbook when I first found it. From what I had gathered, it was a bit of a… controversial book. Not in topic (though in hindsight maybe it should have been), but rather in something very near and dear to almost every tabletop RPG player:

Balance (or lack thereof).

Let’s take a look at The Complete Priest’s Handbook, then, and see what’s going on. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll learn why it is generally speaking not a good idea for a single book to include over sixty new character options.

Reading this was a slog.


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Sea Domain Cleric v1

Salt on the breeze, lapping waves and cawing gulls, the sight of land shrinking far in the distance… the sea holds many wonders, but so too does it hold many terrors. Sailors are ever-ready to explore the wide horizon, far, far from land. It is the job of the clerics, then, to guide them back home.

Read on below for more on the Sea Cleric!

-Cleric- Sea Domain v1

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Agriculture Domain Cleric (v1)

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that matter most. A good crop, a faithful hound, or a quiet and welcoming night. Pastoral life is peaceful, and yet strengthening. But wherever there is peace, violence will soon arrive – but for the defenders of it and their unwavering faith.

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-Cleric- Agriculture Domain v1

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Don’t Stop Believing (in Homebrew!)

As tempted as I was to skip right to Druid and then claim it as a “clerical error,” I think I’ll spare you all the pain of that today. Instead, let’s get right down to business…

By the way, acceptable listening for today’s article includes ‘Losing My Religion’  (which you shouldn’t do) by R.E.M., ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ (which you should do) by Journey, ‘Playing God’ (maybe do occasionally?) by Paramore, and ‘Do It Again’ (which is just a good song) by Steely Dan.


Read on for all about the Cleric!

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Sick Day Double Feature!

So… I’m sick. Still. And, keeping with tradition, that means its time for some sickness-related character options!

Unfortunately, I’m… you know, sick, so I can’t do too much. Instead, I’ve whipped up a quick background to pair with the Pestilence Cleric – the Chronic Illness background!

Chronic Illness Background

You can also look at the PDF for the Chronic Illness background here.

And the entire Sick Day Double feature here.

Thanks for reading!

Pestilence Domain Cleric (v1)

In a weirdly thematic turn of events, you can blame today’s subclass for why today’s update is a day late! Plagues and diseases are part of the world no matter what we mortals think of the fact – sickness is as divine as anything else found in this existence. And some find beauty in illness, in the efficiency and cold-hearted savagery of disease…


Read on for more on the insidious, malignant Pestilence Domain Cleric!

Pestilence Domain Cleric

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Domain of the Damned Cleric (v1)

Next in our Hellish Update, we have the classic cultastic end-of-the-world master… the Hell Cleric. This is an alternate interpretation to the more obvious Fiend warlock, which focuses on the more religious idea of demons. For these cultists, the end-of-the-world is paradise, and they the rightful rulers of what comes before.


So sit back and put your faith in the gods below and their loyal servants… and join the Domain of the Damned!

Hell Cleric Domain

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