Path of the Serpent’s Blood Barbarian (v1)

The blood burns as it hits the paving stones, hissing quietly and sending up thin streamers of smoke. Where it touches living flesh cries ring out, while others retch and lose their stomachs. Some call it a curse, you see. This poisonous blood, this toxic vitality. Others see it as one of many weapons, waiting to be used.


Read on for the sickening truth of the Serpent’s Blood Barbarian!

Barbarian Path of the Serpents Blood v1

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Path of the Wilderskin Barbarian (v1)

Wild eyes and fearsome howls – a spirit more animal than man, and more monstrous than any mere animal. They wield powers beyond mortal knowing, with influence over the most dread aspects of this world. Though technically still mortal, their horrific nature suggests anything but.


Read on for the horrors of the Wilderskin Barbarian!

-Barbarian- Path of the Wilderskin v1

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Rage Against the Campaign

To compliment my series of how-to articles on various aspects of homebrew, I decided to do a sister series covering each of the game’s classes and how they do what they do. To that end, I flipped back in the PHB from Rogue (where else) and got ready to do a post on the first class, alphabetically – bards.

Then I remembered that barbarians are a thing*, and here we are!

*That was a joke. Barbarian fans, please don’t cleave me with your giant axes.


Click below, it’s all the rage right now!

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