The world’s most beautiful statue, Cybele, had been there for centuries. Aysa never expected it to answer. It was just a release for her, a way to get the emotions out.  She was alone.

After being hurt by the people she trusted most, Aysa had cut herself off. She had walled up her heart, keeping her pain inside. She only let her pain show in that courtyard, when she cried. She sobbed her heart out, and poured her feelings into the cold, uncaring snow.

Aysa never expected the statue to answer, much less understand. But Cybele had woken up. Against all expectations, she had begun to move. And perhaps to understand, should her stone heart lighten.

A tempest comes, howling from the depths of the past. A tempest of stone, earth, and clay, and no statue or walls can weather it. Breaking free means facing the winds bare, but staying confined promises suffocation.


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