Planar Relations Warlock – We Sawed This Title in Half! (v1)

Now that’s a lot of damage!

We are currently hiring dedicated Planar Relations agents to join our up-and-coming interplanar agency! If you have a love for marketing, an acceptance of potentially deceitful methods, and a lack of distaste for working with eldritch abominations, then you’d make a perfect addition to our team.

Click below to apply for the Planar Relations Warlock position!

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Website Update!

Hello everyone, and welcome to tax week!

No, seriously, this is the week I do my taxes. There’s no currently planned tax-based subclasses coming up (though who knows, to be honest).


So while I was able to post the Chemist Rogue earlier this week (due to it being finished at the same time as the Anatomist), unfortunately the next class design article on Clerics isn’t quite done yet.

Dont worry, however – once my taxes are done and the latest rush project at work is complete, we’ll be right back to a normal schedule.


Now for a sneak peek! Coming up next week we have…

  • Channel Homebrew – A Guide to Clerics
  • Unnamed Homebrew How-To About Monsters
  • And one selection from the following exciting homebrew possibilities:
    • School of Force Magic (Wizard)
    •  Circle of Decay (Druid)
    • School of Kleptomancy (seriously)


Stay tuned!

School of the Arcane Wizard (v2)

The generalist wizard is perhaps the best example of how radically different 5e can be from older generations. In some of the oldest editions, a wizard was by default a generalist, or mage, rather than a specialist. The School of the Arcane seeks to replicate this concept, by adding a generalist wizard to the 5e collection.


So, read on for more on the School of the Arcane!

School of the Arcane Wizard v2

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School of Shadow Magic Wizard (v1)

The phrase “seeing is believing” is the bread-and-butter of the illusionist, who plies their trade in false truths and visible lies. But some take the study even farther, eschewing normal illusions for far tougher stuff, woven out of the shadowy essence of another plane. Halfway between illusion and conjuration, practitioners of Shadow Magic can make an illusory blade hurt just like a real one… as far as you know, anyway.


Check below for more on the School of Shadow Magic!

School of Shadow Magic Wizard

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