Don’t Stop Believing (in Homebrew!)

As tempted as I was to skip right to Druid and then claim it as a “clerical error,” I think I’ll spare you all the pain of that today. Instead, let’s get right down to business…

By the way, acceptable listening for today’s article includes ‘Losing My Religion’  (which you shouldn’t do) by R.E.M., ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ (which you should do) by Journey, ‘Playing God’ (maybe do occasionally?) by Paramore, and ‘Do It Again’ (which is just a good song) by Steely Dan.


Read on for all about the Cleric!

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Bardic Homebrew Inspiration

After last week’s post on barbarians, the time has now come for the second class in the Player’s Handbook – the Rogue, But With a Guitar.

(All bards, please take 4d4 psychic damage from Vicious Mockery; you have disadvantage on your inevitable next attack against me.)

In any case, it’s time to talk bards!


Feel free to read on below / for more knowledge you must know!

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Running the Rat Race

Funnily enough, when making a Dungeons and Dragons race, speed is the worst thing you can try for. Races aren’t finicky, and they aren’t difficult – they do, however, require a lot of thought and a lot of consideration.

On the upside, there’s probably more bad puns to be made in this article than in any of my previous ones, so lets go!


On your marks, get set…

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Rage Against the Campaign

To compliment my series of how-to articles on various aspects of homebrew, I decided to do a sister series covering each of the game’s classes and how they do what they do. To that end, I flipped back in the PHB from Rogue (where else) and got ready to do a post on the first class, alphabetically – bards.

Then I remembered that barbarians are a thing*, and here we are!

*That was a joke. Barbarian fans, please don’t cleave me with your giant axes.


Click below, it’s all the rage right now!

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Crafting Items (for Homebrewers, not PCs)

Items, items, and more items. I went over items last time, I’m going to go over items this time, and I plan on going over items at least once more after that… and I could still do it again. There’s a lot to items in Dungeons and Dragons – they’re the means to every end, and the almost always the end reward too.


Now, once more into the dungeons!

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Feats and Items and Spells, Oh My!

To follow up on the subclass post from last week, I thought we’d tackle the simplest types of homebrew next. These are significantly less popular than subclasses and classes, but simultaneously are some of the easiest ways you can completely change a character.


Without further ado, let’s talk options!

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The Archetypal Subclass

To start off the meat of the how-to’s, I’m going to cover making archetypes, also called subclasses. They’re some of the most popular things to make, even if they aren’t necessarily the easiest. While I still suggest looking at making feats, items, or low-level spells first, here’s how I make my subclasses.


Read on below to dive into the world of subclasses!

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Coming Soon… How to Brew!

Well, I’m back after spending the holidays with no wifi (truly a fate worse than death) and, on top of that, being horribly ill the whole time.

But enough about me and my lousy Constitution score, there are announcements to make!


Next week I’ll be starting a series of tutorials on homebrewing!

These articles – currently called “Brewer’s Tools” – are aimed at giving advice to novice and master homebrewers alike. For those of you new to ‘brewing, these should help you get a better idea of what you’re doing. And for the more experienced out there, this should serve as a good way to get an idea of my own personal styles (and maybe let me know about your techniques too).

Don’t worry, new homebrew isn’t going to be absent while I’m doing all this – a new creation should be coming tomorrow! And trust me, it’ll be punishing… for me. Since I’m still sick.


Oh well. Onwards!