College of Mourning Bard (v1)

Far from the warm fireside and jovial humor found around your usual bard, another sort entirely puts the same skills to a different use. Instead of telling comedic tales of fictitious heroes, these bards learn the tales of the past. Heroics, still, are the focus – all the same, few happily ever afters are to be found.


Read on below for more on the College of Mourning!

-Bard- College of Mourning v1

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Timewarped Sorcerer (v1)

Time passes so quickly – get a new job, and suddenly its been a month since you’ve made a new homebrew. But time doesn’t pass the same for everyone… some pay too much attention, and can practically feel the time slipping through their fingers. Others are too lax, and find time to be a thing they only occasionally notice at all.


For the ones who fall somewhere in between, there is the Timewarped Sorcerer!

-Sorcerer- Timewarped v1

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Chemist Rogue (v1)

Chemistry! The study of chemicals and the ways they interact – some might even say that anatomy is just derivative chemistry, but who cares? The study of chemicals has many proponents in Dungeons and Dragons, from the humble alchemist to the much less humble Alchemist artificer.

But lets focus on the task at hand, shall we?


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-Rogue- Chemist v1

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Anatomist Rogue (v1)

Anatomy! The study of the body and how it works has many uses, from pressure-relieving massages to general healing, and even teaching a rogue exactly where it hurts most to have a knife stuck in you.

In case you couldn’t tell, it’s the knife-sticking part that we’re focusing on today.


So, read on below for more of the Anatomist Rogue!

Rogue Anatomist v1

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Shrouded One Warlock (v1)

Most people like to know who they’re signing their soul away to, but sometimes that isn’t really a choice. Certain patrons like to operate on a “need-to-know” basis, and even as their dedicated servant… you just don’t need to know.


Shadows, darkness, and mystery abound in the plots of the Shrouded One warlock patron!

Shrouded One Warlock

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Tinkerer Artificer (v2)

Today, I’m bringing back another old subclass of mine that I totally forgot to do. The still unpublished WotC artificer is a pretty good addition to the game… save for the fact that it has no tinkerer subclass. Tinkering is the core concept behind the entire artificer fantasy – and it needs a specialization of its own.


So, read on below for more of the Tinkerer Artificer!

Tinkerer Artificer

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Knife-Thrower Rogue (v1)

There are some who say that a sharp wit beats a sharp knife – the former can fly much further. There are some who say such things, yes, but not generally while in the same room as a connoisseur of flying blades. A well-flung knife can cut through expectations as well as skin, and winning at darts is only the least impressive of feats that the masters can pull off.


Read on for more of the Knife-Thrower Rogue!

Knife-Thrower Rogue

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School of Shadow Magic Wizard (v1)

The phrase “seeing is believing” is the bread-and-butter of the illusionist, who plies their trade in false truths and visible lies. But some take the study even farther, eschewing normal illusions for far tougher stuff, woven out of the shadowy essence of another plane. Halfway between illusion and conjuration, practitioners of Shadow Magic can make an illusory blade hurt just like a real one… as far as you know, anyway.


Check below for more on the School of Shadow Magic!

School of Shadow Magic Wizard

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Pestilence Domain Cleric (v1)

In a weirdly thematic turn of events, you can blame today’s subclass for why today’s update is a day late! Plagues and diseases are part of the world no matter what we mortals think of the fact – sickness is as divine as anything else found in this existence. And some find beauty in illness, in the efficiency and cold-hearted savagery of disease…


Read on for more on the insidious, malignant Pestilence Domain Cleric!

Pestilence Domain Cleric

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Wishful Sorcerer (v1)

Be careful not to get whiplash from today’s update. Far from being cursed, this sorcerer is a source of granted desires and fulfilled wishes. Imbued with the power to aid others in realizing their dreams, this sorcerer is dedicated to sharing their power humbly and graciously.

Read on for a look at the Wishful Sorcerer!


Wishful Sorcerer

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