Racial Feats v2 – Volo’s Notes on Sentient Beings (DM’s Guild)

Welcome back! Some time ago, I created the expanded racial feats collection. And now, we’re back with an update!

Volo’s Notes on Sentient Beings is the first half of the updated collection. It includes some updated feats from the original, as well as several new creations as well! There’s also a section on using feats for villain or companion NPCs, and a limited selection of feats specifically made for heroic or antagonistic nonplayer characters.Cover image for Volo's Notes on Sentient Beings

Click here to check out the collection on DM’s Guild. It’s PWYW, so grab it and give it a look!


The Half-Fey Race (1.0)

The Feywild is a wild and mysterious place. Sometimes, its presence on the Material Plane leaves echoes – the wild sanctuaries of the druids, or the weird forests where time and nature seem confused. Other times, it leaves children with minds full of adventure and a view of the world unlike anyone else.


Read on for more on the Half-Fey!

Half Fey Race

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