Dungeon Designs – The Living Vault Addendum

In the end, I really did want to go over some of the specific themes I had in mind while detailing The Living Dungeon, and so here we are! I wasn’t originally intending to do these so soon after the original articles, but I’m not in charge of the content pipeline. Come to think of it, I also don’t know who is in charge of it, or if it exists at all.

As a warning, this will include some body horror – the original iteration of this idea was intended to be an aberration-themed nightmare after all. But not all of them are. Just to make doubly sure, all the body horror options will actually have the words “body horror” in their section headers.

With all that out of the way, let’s dive right in!

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Dungeon Designs – The Living Vault, part 2

Welcome back to Dungeon Designs and our discussion of “The Living Vault” – a dungeon which aims to feel more alive than any other in existence. Last time, we went over the basic stats for the Living Vault as a creature and an active participant in players’ dungeon crawl. This time, though, we’re going to be focusing more on the actual “dungeon” aspects of this concept.

And don’t worry – anatomical expertise is not required because I sure don’t have any.

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Dungeon Designs – The Living Vault, part 1

Recently I’ve been brainstorming a new concept for a dungeon. Not for any particular reason – I just think it sounds cool. But I wanted to discuss it here to show off my method for making dungeons, which should be informative, entertaining, and/or horrifying.

That last option is primarily for people who have played in my games, who will presumably come away from this thinking “what the hell man, that’s how you came up with this nonsense?” To which I say… sometimes.

Other times I’m just sort of winging it.

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Late Review – Lords of Darkness (2e)

Welcome to yet another very late review – today we’ll be looking at Lords of Darkness, a compilation set of undead-themed content introduced by Ed Greenwood. Some may recognize him as the original creator of the Forgotten Realms setting that now serves as D&D’s “default” world, while others probably just recognize his name from the absurd number of old D&D products that bear it.

Prolific doesn’t even begin to cut it.

However, that star-studded title can be a bit misleading… after all, Greenwood only “introduces” the book – an introduction that forms one of the book’s two real high points. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Click below to get grave-robbing!

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Pathfinder 2e and an Uncharacteristic Review

Recently my regular group has been playing in a Pathfinder game (when we get time and schedules line up, which is notoriously difficult). In any case, this is my first real foray into Pathfinder – something that isn’t at all surprising to those who know me.

Nevertheless I decided to give this updated edition a shot to see how it was. And it is actually, genuinely much better! So far I’ve been left with two things: a sense of surprise that I’m actually enjoying my time with the system, and a deep conviction that I will never in my life attempt to get a new player into it.

So let’s talk Pathfinder, shall we?

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Ravenloft Review – The Most Dangerous Game and Train

Happy Halloween! Stay safe and be aware that plague doctor outfits may have become annoying to your neighbors if you’ve been wearing them since early 2020 like I definitely haven’t been.

Anyway, welcome to the Lightning Round! Today we’ll be looking at Valachan, Cyre 1313, and nearly half a dozen other minor Domains. These last few are great for one-shots by the way, if you’re looking for last-minute Halloween game ideas (though I’d personally recommend just running Tomb of Horrors – great time for a Halloween game).

Click through for the Hunt and the rest of the Lightning Rail Round!

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Ravenloft Review – Roll for Initiative, Scooby Doo!

More Domains, more Darklords, we’re back for another segment on Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft! Halloween is frighteningly (hah) close now, though the real fear yet lies in wait… Christmas music. It’s already started where I live, at least a little bit. Soon enough I’ll be begging to be taken by the mists.

Anyway, today we’ll be covering what I call “the Scooby Doo Duo (and Richemulot)!” Though any true Ravenloft Scooby Doo adaptation would likely be better served by replacing Richemulot with Kartakass, but alas the alphabet is a cruel mistress. Anyway, on with the show in Mordent, Richemulot, and Tepest!

Click through to unmask the “monster” (and find something worse underneath)!

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Ravenloft Review – Tiger Insurgents, Werewolf Bards, and Flesh Golems, Oh My!

Welcome back once again to an extended review of all the various Domains and Darklords of Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft. Happy Halloween is growing steadily closer to being actually relevant!

Today we’ll be looking at the Domains of Kalakeri, Kartakass, and Lamordia – which is almost as weird a trio as last week.

Click through for Frankenstein’s monster and more!

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Ravenloft Review – How Do You Even Pronounce I’Cath?

Welcome back to an extended review of Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, going Domain by Domain. Happy Halloween again!

Today we’ll be looking at the Domains of Har’Akir, Hazlan, and I’Cath, which are pretty much only similar in that I have pithy one-liners already prepped for all three.

Click through for more horror and/or horrible jokes!

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Ravenloft Review – Darkon, Darkoff

Welcome back to an extended review of Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, going Domain by Domain. Happy Halloween! In like a month.

Today we’ll be covering three of my favorite Domains: Darkon, Dementlieu, and Falkovnia. So essentially we’ll go from dark fantasy apocalypse to zombie apocalypse by way of… evil Cinderella town. Still good though!

Click through below to prepare for the end!

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