Homebrew Introspective – Cursed Sorcerer

Today we’ll be looking at the Cursed Sorcerer. The intent here was to have a sorcerer whose magic came from an old curse put on their family, which they then took advantage of in order to gain power.

I like the theming, and I like the narrative. The mechanics? Not so much.

And as much as I’d love to crack a joke about this creation being cursed, I can’t really justify that. It just has some issues, that’s all.


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Rogue – Butcher (v1)

Sometimes, people use hurtful words. You might call a goblin a bastard, or a lich “bitch” (bad idea). And then there’s the really hurtful things, like when the party paladin calls the party rogue a “murderer” or “serial killer” or even “psychotic butcher” just for doing their job!

And I’ll have you know, butchering is an art.


Click below for the Butcher rogue!

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Rogue – Ruffian (v2)

Don’t call them thugs if you value your kneecaps. Their job is actually harder, when you think about it. A normal rogue relies on quick feet and quick wits to make sure they aren’t on the same plane by the time the law comes. A ruffian just has to deal with it. The law shows up a lot faster when there’s screaming.

And bloody cudgels make finding a good alibi extremely difficult.


Click below for the Ruffian rogue!

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Barbarian – Path of Serpent’s Blood (v2)

Victory is won with blood, sweat, and tears. For you, blood is a significant majority, since it physically burns and sickens your enemies. Guess that’s what they get for trying to kill you, huh?

Gods forgive some unfortunate critter actually tries to take a bite.


Read on below for the Path of Serpent’s Blood barbarian!

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Warlock – The Forgotten God (v1)

Gods like clerics. They make the best servants. They’re so loyal, obedient… faithful, even. Nothing like a warlock, the most mercenary, backstabbing, untrustworthy of the lot. But a dead, lost, exiled, or forgotten god doesn’t always have many options, so they have to work with what they have.


Read on below for the Forgotten God warlock!

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Sorcerer – Arcane Monstrosity (v1)

A melee sorcerer? On this recently revived newsfeed? It isn’t a hallucination! This is actually happening, and hopefully it’ll really, really creep you out. But look past all that monstrous nature, and you’ll find a heart of- is that a third set of teeth? Why do you have those?


Read on below for the Arcane Monstrosity sorcerer!

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