Rogue – Butcher (v1)

Sometimes, people use hurtful words. You might call a goblin a bastard, or a lich “bitch” (bad idea). And then there’s the really hurtful things, like when the party paladin calls the party rogue a “murderer” or “serial killer” or even “psychotic butcher” just for doing their job!

And I’ll have you know, butchering is an art.


Click below for the Butcher rogue!

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Collection – Exotic Dragons (v1)

There are many types of dragons in the world. Chromatic, metallic, and more. In this collection, the lesser known and more mysterious types of dragons are explored. Dragons that can cause disease and illness with a touch, and others whose breath weapon expels lethal force that physically rends enemies apart. Huge dragons, terrifying dragons, strange dragons, more dragons than we can handle in fact!


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Rogue – Ruffian (v2)

Don’t call them thugs if you value your kneecaps. Their job is actually harder, when you think about it. A normal rogue relies on quick feet and quick wits to make sure they aren’t on the same plane by the time the law comes. A ruffian just has to deal with it. The law shows up a lot faster when there’s screaming.

And bloody cudgels make finding a good alibi extremely difficult.


Click below for the Ruffian rogue!

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Barbarian – Path of Serpent’s Blood (v2)

Victory is won with blood, sweat, and tears. For you, blood is a significant majority, since it physically burns and sickens your enemies. Guess that’s what they get for trying to kill you, huh?

Gods forgive some unfortunate critter actually tries to take a bite.


Read on below for the Path of Serpent’s Blood barbarian!

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Warlock – The Forgotten God (v1)

Gods like clerics. They make the best servants. They’re so loyal, obedient… faithful, even. Nothing like a warlock, the most mercenary, backstabbing, untrustworthy of the lot. But a dead, lost, exiled, or forgotten god doesn’t always have many options, so they have to work with what they have.


Read on below for the Forgotten God warlock!

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Sorcerer – Arcane Monstrosity (v1)

A melee sorcerer? On this recently revived newsfeed? It isn’t a hallucination! This is actually happening, and hopefully it’ll really, really creep you out. But look past all that monstrous nature, and you’ll find a heart of- is that a third set of teeth? Why do you have those?


Read on below for the Arcane Monstrosity sorcerer!

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Arcane Inventory – The Artificer’s Almanac, vol. 1

Welcome back to a new series on magical items because I just picked up an old 2e book full of them! This is pretty much the only reason I do anything new.

But hey, if we’re going to get started again after a huge break like that it might as well be with a totally untested format! Why? Because I make poor choices.


Anyway, click below for the Artificer’s Almanac, vol. 1!

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Advanced Editions – There Can Be Only One (Druid)

Back in ye olden days, when clerics were clerics, wizards were magic-users, and fighters were fighting-men, there were plenty of weird things in the game. However, where you can normally brush aside such bizarre ideas as mere twisted memories of fever dreams of days gone by, these are things that I, unfortunately, have physical evidence for.

Today we’re going to talk about druids and how you had to literally kill (or at least defeat) a druid of a level higher than you in order to advance in level past 11th level.

Yes, it was weird. Very weird.

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Advanced Editions – A Draining Discussion

In this series of posts, my goal is to look at all the little things from earlier editions that just didn’t quite make the cut for 5th Edition. Some were excluded for good reason, while others just didn’t quite fit in – but besides just talking about them, I’ll also be doing what I can to port them over.

For our first topic, we have the ever-terrifying Level Drain (also called Energy Drain). This is what made undead scary back in the day, alright? This made them so horribly scary.

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