About the Rogue

I began writing and playing Dungeons and Dragons at about the same time in my life, which has left the two permanently tangled up in my head. Add this to the fact that my young adult reading was gathered primarily from the fantasy classics of the 1980’s through the late 1990’s, and that my first forays into D&D were all with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition, and you can probably see why I’ve got a flair for older styles.


Hell, I remember having to deal with THAC0. Trust me, no one wants to remember that.


In any case, I’ve turned my hand to numerous different writing exercises over the years. A bit of journalism for high school, large chunks of adventure-making for college, and the story-writing that has been with me throughout. I’ve recently updated to D&D 5e as well, and gotten quite a lot of homebrew for that posted over on r/UnearthedArcana.


About the Website

The purpose of this website is to collect all of that work. Whether it’s my stories (which will be posted in sequential updates and occasionally as stand-alones) or my D&D homebrew (which will be posted both here and on the subreddit), I’d like to make this site into a place where I can get feedback on my writing output as a whole – not just separate pieces of it.

Currently, you’ll find that the site is quite sparse. Don’t worry – that’ll change real quick.


D&D homebrew posts will be coming fast as I put up nicer, more visually appealing versions of my favorite creations thus far. I’ll also be posting one new homebrew (or significant update) per week, which will also be put up on r/UnearthedArcana.

Stories will get weekly updates, starting with my Cybele story. As I get further into that, I may start sprinkling in additional updates of my other works, such as one-off short stories, or sections of my current project, The Dreaming Plague.


I plan on sticking to these guidelines as close as possible, since that’s sort of what Lawful Good does.

But I’m also a rogue. So don’t be surprised if, every once in a while, things get… bent.


You’d be surprised how far you can bend Lawful Good before it breaks.