Augmentation Artificer – Patch Notes: Removed Humanity, etc… (v1.0)

Look, don’t worry about it. Yes, half my body has been replaced by magical constructs. Yes, I no longer feel emotions, pain, or guilt. But it’s still me! I’m still the same inside. No invasive surgery or experimental augmentation can take that away…

Until mid-next week, at least.

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-Artificer- Augmentation v1.1

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Of course, warforged augmentation artificers aren’t nearly as disturbing, for some reason. As if them hooking up an experimental alchemical injector directly to their blood stream is any better than me doing it! Just because the warforged were created in a way that allows easy upgrades doesn’t mean they’re better… especially not after I install this sick energy beam!

The augmentation artificer is a master of artifice with a personal touch. Rather than creating an army of construct helpers or a suite of alchemical concoctions, augmentation makes the artificer themselves into a magical breakthrough. Don’t just act innovative, be an innovation.



  • Tools of the Trade. Gain proficiency in blacksmith’s tools to make all those slick new devices. Or, alternatively, gain proficiency in the healer’s kit so you don’t die after all that invasive self-surgery.
  • Self-Improvement. Throw away all those old self-help books and do something that will actually change your life. Like implanting an experimental, magically conductive plate into your hands!
  • Quickened Repairs. The mending cantrip may not be able to heal a broken heart, but it can definitely repair a bit of you! Only occasionally though. You’re still primarily a flesh-and-blood creature… for now.
  • Advanced Enhancements. After a time, your body will be so heavily mechanized that poison and disease don’t really affect you. Just watch out for malware. Or possession, basically the same thing.
  • Augmentations! This is what you’re here for. The innovation, the danger, the style! Slot some magical lenses over your eyes to help in identifying things, trick out your legs with speed-enhancing runes and cables, or even embed a set of elemental energy drives into your back so you can fly! The sky’s the limit, after all.



  • I’ve actually been working on this one for a while, like a few years to be honest. And no, I haven’t played Cyberpunk and likely never will (my personal computer is… barely functional). But in any case, here we are!
  • Overall, I’m happy with most of the core of this subclass. My issues come in the later levels. I don’t like how thin a feature Advanced Enhancements is despite it being the capstone. My excuse is that the main power of that level comes from the new, high-level augments you can access then, but it still feels lackluster.
  • When it comes to the Augmentations, though, I think things are more or less solid. There are some potential issues, but they aren’t difficult to fix.
    • Firstly, I’m not super happy with the spread of options available to each body part. The legs in particular are a bit under-served; I just struggled to think up any other interesting effects for them.
    • We also have a slightly uneven spread between the different visibility types. Invisible augments are few, which I don’t think is too big of an issue, but blatant ones are also limited. Given the potential for body horror that this subclass has, I’d love to have a few more obviously out of place augments available for those who want to push the disturbing facet of this subclass to its limit.
  • In the end, I think this is a solid first pass on the concept. I’m sure issues will present themselves, but I think the basic frame of the subclass is steady and can accommodate any needed changes. And the narrative is spot on, something that isn’t always guaranteed.

As per usual, let me know what you think!

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