Path of Inks Barbarian – Next Up: Tattoo Artist Artificer! (v1)

I’m just joking about the artificer subclass… for now, at least.

So, you know how powerful wizards can scribble on paper and make it do crazy stuff? Alright, and bear with me here… what if we did that to your skin? Wouldn’t that be rad or what?

Have I ever done this before? Nah, but don’t worry about it. How hard can a tattoo really be?

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Everyone knows that words are power. Wizards are the masters of this. They know runes to dismantle the walls of reality, turn you into a octopus, or even meet the gods. You can’t quite do that, but you can cast thunderwave at least. And, since you’re a barbarian, you could also bench the wizard so there is that.



  • Magical tattoos! Each one grants a different spell, and no matter how mad you get they’ll still be usable! Bonus!
  • Also, you can literally feel magic crawling in your skin (-guitar riff-). Pansy wizards and their detect magic… you can do it with your eyes closed!
  • And while you aren’t quite as versatile, you can still learn a few new tricks*! (*Abjuration or transmutation only, some restrictions apply.)
  • You know what’s better than a fireball to the face? An axe to the face right after!
  • Wizards will still mock you until the very end, though. And then you get magic resistance and can still break their body in half like a glowstick, so then they stop laughing. One way or another.


Design Notes:

  • Would anyone believe me if I said that only one of the Linkin Park references was intentional? No, no one? Damn.
  • Anyway, this is my take on the spellcasting barbarian. It’s an odd concept, but I kind of like it to be quite honest. In this case, I tried to keep the spells available limited to concrete, physical things. Whether that be literal explosions or enhancements to the body, that’s the goal.
  • That being said, if there are any spells that might work better by all means let me know! This is my first go around at this spell list (I think; if not, then I lost and forgot the old one), so there’s always room for improvements.
  • All in all, I’m happy with this and don’t have too many worries about it. Kinda rare, really, but I like it. At most it might be a little weak, but that’s an easy problem to fix.

Let me know what you think!

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