Path of the Mighty Barbarian – Greataxe: Heavy, Two-Handed, Thrown? (v2)

If there was a contest that was a combination of long-range tree chopping and caber tossing, you’d be the champion. You can be the champion in most things really. Anything with a judge who fears getting a greataxe thrown at them, anyway.

Come on and throw down with the Path of the Mighty barbarian!


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Ever look at a knife thrower and envy them? The freedom, the utility, the image! Tossing blades around, cranking out death like a shady card dealer does cards… it has its charms, sure. But ultimately, don’t you think knives are a bit small?

Size doesn’t always matter, but there are few problems an axe to the face can’t fix.



  • Begin throwing clubs, greatclubs, mauls, and greataxes with Blade Flinger!
  • Begin tossing people with Tossing Shove! (Don’t worry, it gets more exciting later.)
  • Got a burden that needs lifting? Lift Burden is what you need! (Barbarian Movers charges extra for psionic relics and dead bodies, unless the dead guy was a jerk.)
  • Hurl Creature. Now we’re getting somewhere! Plus if you hurl them fast enough, they themselves might hurl. It’s like a metaphor or something.
  • Your Increasing Might will also let you start doing these things even when not angry! But lets be honest, when is that ever going to happen?
  • Okay, alright, time for the grand finale – Wield Creature! A weapon(?) proficiency like no other! Deals twice the damage, cause you’re hurting your weapon too!


Design Notes:

  • So this one actually didn’t need too much tweaking. The core features are solid, and didn’t have any major problems. Apart from cleaning up the wording in a few places, there aren’t any changes there.
  • The out of combat ribbon, however, is another story. The new Lift Burden is better than the original ribbon, but it still might be lacking a certain something.
  • The subclass might also be lacking in general, come to think of it. Barbarian is a very combat-heavy class, so any non-combat abilities generally have to come from the subclass. And while Lift Burden does that, it might not offer enough of a difference between it and what a barbarian does out of combat anyway. But I just can’t think of any other non-combat ideas for a subclass all about chucking people into other people.
  • Oh well, for now I’m quite happy with this. And since the core mechanics seem solid, that means any fix to the non-combat ribbon should be simple. But hey, we’ll see!

Let me know what you think!

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