Druid – Circle of the Night (v2)

Cities are their own special kind of wilderness. Full of dangerous predators and yet teeming with life all the same. All creatures are the same, ultimately. They all want the same thing; survival. But wherever there is a natural order, there are those who seek to upend it, and those who see to defend it.

Read on below for the Circle of the Night druid!


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The Circle of the Night exists to protect the weak and innocent, and ensure the cycle of nature endures even in the most seemingly unnatural surroundings. They often take up roles similar to detectives or investigators, tracking down predators that have gotten out of control.


  • City Shape allows you to take on circle forms. A cat intently watching as a criminal discusses his hideout, a raven taking wing after an unsuspecting outlaw, all are uses for the city’s own native populations.
  • Tracking is your specialty in any form you take; evading the Watcher’s Pursuit is a difficult task. Eventually you’ll be an unmatched Thieftaker, trapping fleeing targets in a sickly and powerless shape for you to capture.
  • You also study certain Spells of the Trade, magic less druidic in nature but more useful for your role stalking criminal prey.
  • Your Eyes in the Night are unmatched. Each of your forms have piercing vision to keep track of your targets. Your Constant Vigilance here eventually imparts similar sight on you even when not transformed.



  • This is a subclass I really liked that I never got back to edit. It seemed popular, and I’m glad to say it didn’t have too many issues to fix. The primary issues were all in wording, though I did have to do a bit of adjustment for its combat.
  • One big driving force of this subclass is a desire to make a druid that is encouraged to use Wild Shape for utility purposes, rather than combat. This is a difficult ask, given how ridiculously good Wild Shape is for combat.
  • All the same, I’m pretty happy with this. I feel like it definitely allows for the city-based, noir-style druid that I wanted it to be. Extra Attack should allow it to keep up in combat, and its utility features should make it worth taking even if it isn’t the absolute strongest combat-wise.
  • Let me know any feedback or suggestions! Just as a quick note, this may at some point be added to a DM’s Guild document! I just want to make sure I mention that whenever it might be relevant, but I’m not actively working on anything for this at the moment.


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