Warlock – Otherworldly Color (v2)

You aren’t sure where it came from. You aren’t sure what it is. The shining, scintillating light plays around in your thoughts, iridescent and beautiful. Its something that doesn’t belong here, but you wish it did. And maybe it could, if…


Check below to become enraptured by the Otherworldly Color warlock!


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Without the light, everything seems dim. No matter how strange it is, the light brings color into the world, invigorating you. The others don’t understand, but that’s fine. The color is undeniable. Eventually, all will realize its glory.


  • Your Color Curse beguiles your enemies, leading them astray. They wander around the battlefield, unable to form a coherent defense.
  • The Draining Glow of your patron saps vitality from others, but strengthens you in equal measure.
  • Resistance to a variety of dangers comes from your patron’s Shimmering Spectrum, guarding you from other malignant energies with your own beautiful light.
  • This Tumorous Color can even twist your fallen enemies to your service. Your patron desires a vessel in this world, though none can hope to hold its true nature for long.


  • Much like with the original post, I’ll go ahead and mention The Colour Out of Space by H.P. Lovecraft as the inspiration here. It’s my favorite Lovecraft story by far (the only competition is At the Mountains of Madness).
  • This subclass is an odd case where the middle sort remained the same as the beginning and end shifted. The main function of this is to solidify the subclass as a control-oriented one.
  • Using Color Curse allows you to manipulate the battlefield. It’s a difficult ability to judge, because there are times where it could be useful, and times when it won’t be. All the same, it seems appropriate.
  • This version also changes the capstone to make it less similar to the Great Old One warlock’s capstone. Rather than making a mindless servant, you get an in-combat minion instead. This was necessary to make sure it didn’t end up as a color-focused Great Old One copy.
  • All in all, I’m happy with this. I worry it might be a little weak, but to be honest I’d rather my creations be too weak than too strong. As long as its fun to play, that’s all I care about.


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