Sorcerer – Arcane Monstrosity (v2)

Magic is wondrous and beautiful, to most. For you, it is like a sickness, twisting your body from within. Arcane forces warp your flesh and bone, and mystical energy courses within the monstrous form left behind.

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While it is monstrous, the changes wrought on your body by these strange magical forces do have their perks. Your body itself is akin to a magical weapon, and many arcane tasks are second nature to you now. It’s still horrific though, no matter the benefits. Horrific, and irreversible.



  • A natural Monstrous Weapon that mimics a cantrip, giving you claws imbued with chill touch fueled rot, or a bile spit of concentrated acid spray.
  • Your Harsh Genesis allows you to take more punishment than others. After all, it can’t be as bad as what you’ve already suffered.
  • Instinctive Arcana allows you to sense magical items and fields like the detect magic and identify spells, no components required… besides your own magic-scarred flesh.
  • Between Combat Monstrosity and Sorcerous Mutation you’re an absolute terror on the field of battle, like a rabid beast infused with devastating magic.
  • All that pales in comparison to your Horrific Transformation, unleashing the true terror of your suffering in a flurry of feral strikes infused with arcane might.


  • Welcome back! Coming soon are a lot of great updates to old favorites, and even some new content too! The Arcane Monstrosity is the first update featured, since it had a good reception originally.
  • Luckily there weren’t really any issues with this one. Besides a few wording corrections (such as specifying that the Monstrous Weapon feature functions off of Charisma), most of the rest was well-received!
  • If anything, my one remaining concern for this homebrew is making sure that it makes sense. The flavor behind it is a bit strange, and it relies heavily on the player and DM defining how the character’s Monstrous Weapon actually functions, physically. I tried to present some suggestions, but didn’t have room to include all the ones I would have liked to.
    • For those who are curious, other ideas included flaming spit for fire bolt, icicle nails for ray of frost or frostbite, or fists constantly crawling with maggots for infestation.
  • My other concern is making sure that the Monstrous Weapon is easy to use. I’m happy with the wording I’ve ended up with here, but there’s always room for improvement. I want to make sure DMs and players alike don’t end up misunderstanding the mechanics of the feature.
  • In any case, thanks for checking out the homebrew! Feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions or questions. Also, just as a note, this may eventually be added to a DM’s Guild document. It’s not a for sure, but if its even a slight possibility I’d rather mention it than not.


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