Collection – Exotic Dragons (v1)

There are many types of dragons in the world. Chromatic, metallic, and more. In this collection, the lesser known and more mysterious types of dragons are explored. Dragons that can cause disease and illness with a touch, and others whose breath weapon expels lethal force that physically rends enemies apart. Huge dragons, terrifying dragons, strange dragons, more dragons than we can handle in fact!


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Here be dragons, but over there be even bigger, stronger, more terrifying dragons! For the adventurer who’s seen it all, something a little outlandish may be needed. To evoke a sense of wonder, no, of terror! When the common metallic and chromatic dragons have lost their vividness and luster, there’s always the more… exotic breeds.



  • Over six new variations of dragon! Each has a full adult statblock, as well as details outlining other age categories.
  • Several completely new mechanics! A draconic illness that warps the very nature of the beast itself, new interactions with psionic powers, and more!
  • The introduction of a totally new type of dragon! You’ve never seen dragons like these before, that’s guaranteed!
  • And, for those truly brave of heart, a hidden aberrant dragon, waiting in the wings to make its grand, and terrifying, entrance!



  • Well, I’ve finally done it. A full collection. The old spell compendiums don’t count by the way. Because, uh, reasons.
  • In any case, I’ve been wanting to make these for a while. It was an idea that struck me around this time of year last year, and now I’m finally getting back to it. When you can come back to an idea after a whole year and still like it, then you know it has merit.
  • As far as mechanical design goes, I’m branching out a little here with monsters. I normally prefer character options, but I figured it was time to expand. That being said, the CRs may be a little off (especially for one of the dragons, who I’m thinking has a CR way too low considering how big the thing is), but I think everything should be usable.
  • My chief worries come with the breath weapons on some of these. I based as many of them on existing breath weapons as I could, but some of the ideas were just too esoteric to fit into the existing frameworks. But we’ll just have to see!
  • Oh, I’m also a bit new to doing Homebrewery documents this long. So hopefully I didn’t mess up any of the formatting or anything. Especially not with… that one. Now that’d be unnerving without the proper context. Though I guess it wouldn’t be much better in context, would it?
  • All in all, I’m quite happy with these. I don’t expect having to fool around with them too much either, which is why I went ahead and stuck in some art. Which, by the way, has the same disclaimer I always use on art – “I have no idea who actually drew this because Pinterest is a plague on the internet in terms of intellectual property protection.”

Anyway, let me know what you think!

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