Warlock – The Forgotten God (v1)

Gods like clerics. They make the best servants. They’re so loyal, obedient… faithful, even. Nothing like a warlock, the most mercenary, backstabbing, untrustworthy of the lot. But a dead, lost, exiled, or forgotten god doesn’t always have many options, so they have to work with what they have.


Read on below for the Forgotten God warlock!



You can also find the PDF version here!


What happens when a god dies? It doesn’t happen often, so most aren’t quite sure. They don’t always die, even. Some just get forgotten, their followers wiped out and their hymnals lost. So killing a god isn’t that big of deal, what gods truly struggle at is staying dead.



  • Lost Domain. Your god meant something, once. That might be all anyone remembers of them, the lost god of War, or the dead god of Knowledge.
  • Channel Divinity: Remembrance. Where most clerics channel their god’s energy to some positive effect, yours creates a void within a creature’s mind, confusing it with something it never forgot, but can’t ever remember.
  • Returning Power. As your god regains strength, it can grant you some of the powers its priests channeled in ages past.
  • Desperation of the Forgotten. If you were alone, in the dark of nonexistence, and only one person remembered you, what would you do if they died? Your god doesn’t want to find out.
  • Banefire. Even after bringing your patron back from the brink of oblivion, some link remains. With merely a gesture and a word, you can attempt to erase a creature from existence, like it never even existed at all.
  • Invocations. Your patron grants you many options for eldritch invocations. Take up arms and smite the foes of your god, summon a celestial messenger for a familiar, or even use your god’s power to keep a small supply of cleric spells handy. Just in case.



  • So… I forgot if I’ve posted this before. So maybe it isn’t even a version 1! Regardless, this is a classic example of “good concept, difficult execution.” The idea of a lost, forgotten, or dead god as a patron is fantastic. Finding something for the warlock to do besides just copying cleric features? Horribly difficult.
  • I like what I’ve come to in the end though. I always liked the Channel Divinity feature, and the defense feature at 10th level ended up good as well. The big new thing that made this post-able (or update-able?) was definitely Banefire.
  • First off I’d like to say that this is not balefire, from the Wheel of Time series. I know it shoots a bar of white fire that erases things backwards in time, and causes reality itself to shudder, but… it just isn’t. I promise.
    • /rolls Charisma (Deception)
    • 1.
  • It’s a weird one, that’s for sure. But I think the harsh limitations on it should keep it usable. If not though… we’re in some trouble. Hopefully the most broken thing about it is the damage (even though I stole that from the Fiend warlock). That’s easy to fix. What I’m expecting, though, is an incredibly simple exploit possible that I never thought of, but which is pointed out in the first comment. Calling it now.

Let me know what you think!

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