Updated Homebrews 4!

And we’re back! Returning from our apparently regularly scheduled early spring mysterious absence, let’s open things back up with some updated homebrews!


Read on below for the updated ‘brews, complete with changelogs! There are a few less than last time, but all of these have gotten major updates.


Cursed Sorcerer

  • Name changed from “Curse Descendant” to something more pronounceable.
  • Minor changes to the Cursed Quirks and the way the Expanded Spell List functions.
  • The Dread Armor feature has been replaced with Tempt Fate as the 6th level feature.
    • The old Dread Armor feature was a bit unwieldy, and while this is no less complex I feel it’s a whole lot less confusing.
  • The options of Prolonged Anguish have been reworked to make sure none of them have strictly positive benefits.
    • The idea here is that your curse intervenes to keep you alive so it can continue to torture you. But while it’ll save your neck, it won’t do it without a price, preferably one that encourages you to get out of whatever situation almost killed you.
  • The Cursemaker/A Terrible Night feature has been replaced by Surrender to Darkness as the 18th level capstone.
    • And here’s where Dread Armor went. This is meant to be the gambling feature, where you bet 3 sorcery points on enough creatures attacking you to make up the difference, while also, y’know, surviving all the hostile attention.


School of the Arcane

  • The Spell Expertise feature has been replaced with Mnemonic Expertise.
    • I’ve always liked the 2e style spell preparation, where you lose the spell after casting it. This feature gives the Arcane Mage more spells to play around with, because it encourages them to prepare extra spells even if (or especially if) they only expect to use it once.
  • Added the Eye for Detail feature.
    • Allows you to learn spells by observation. Nothing too special here, just a little ribbon to increase the number of spells you’ll end up knowing even more.
  • The Filaments of Magic feature has been replaced with Spellsteal.
    • So here’s the ultimate downfall of this subclass. I have a great idea for the start, and a lot of choices for the end, but I never seem to know what to do at the end. This is my latest idea, but we’ll see how well it works out in the end.
  • Renamed Variety Casting to Quick Thinker.
  • Renamed Greater Spell Expertise to Greater Mnemonic Expertise.


Otherworldly Color Warlock

  • Made minor changes, fixing wording of various features.
  • Reworded Draining Glow to specify it as a “curse” effect, so it can benefit from the Eldritch Invocations from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything originally made for the Hexblade.
    • Unfortunately, XGtE doesn’t really specify what a “warlock feature that curses” is, so the only way I could think of to make sure those invocations work with Draining Glow was to include the word “curse” in the feature itself.
  • Added the Enduring Color invocation.
  • Rearranged Eldritch Invocation options to put them in alphabetical order.


Welcome back all! Look forward to some more articles, as well as, like always, more new homebrews!

Thanks for reading!

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