Otherworldly Color Warlock (v1)

So beautiful… more wondrous than anything ever seen before, more captivating than anything seen after. It doesn’t belong here, that is easy to tell. But its light is so sparkling, so gorgeous to behold, how could you want it to go away? No, no, it should stay… you should stay too, forever.


Read on below to glimpse the Otherworldly Color!

-Warlock- Otherworldly Color Patron v1

You can also find the PDF version here.


A warlock servitor of the Otherworldly Color isn’t as aware of their Patron as other warlocks. It isn’t a presence to be spoken to, or a entity to be bargained with. Instead, the color simply is – it suffuses all it touches with its own alien radiance. The warlock is simply one who can manipulate its energy, wielding the power to spread its influence wider and wider, eclipsing all else in the world.



  • The color is life – yours or your enemies’, what does it matter? Your Patron’s glow encompasses all you touch with your magic, allowing you to draw their vitality for yourself.
  • You were drawn in by this beauty, why not show others the way? Guide enemies along, maneuvering them to best view your glorious master.
  • The color can protect you – like repels like, and your glow can repel damage from yourself.
  • But what could be better than gaining a new convert? Blind them to all else, and warp their mind to your own cause.



  • For anyone who has never read the H.P. Lovecraft story, The Colour Out of Space, it is well worth the time. Especially since it’s so short – it’ll take like fifteen minutes.
  • In any case, to summarize – in the story, an alien thing falls from the sky onto a farm. It glows with a strange color, something indescribable but obviously foreign. That glow then drains life from everything around it, slowly turning it all to gray dust and ash. This subclass is based around that… creature? entity? who knows.
  • Mechanically, this subclass is meant to be a controller – moving enemies around and otherwise locking them down with spells is the main focus. It’s also a very defensive subclass, so you can easily survive being up close enough to manipulate the battlefield as needed.
  • However, I worry that it’s a bit too defensive. The subclass is pretty hyper-focused on control, and gets really nothing else to help their damage output. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing – an option can be strong without having the best damage – but it worries me that the subclass might be too passive or inactive.
  • I do like the subclass though. I really like the flavor – The Colour Out of Space is one of my favorite Lovecraft stories, and it’s also one that seems to be mostly overlooked in favor of Cthulhu and Elder Things and such. So I’m happy, but also waiting for feedback. We’ll see how it works out.


Thanks for reading!

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