Path of the Mighty Barbarian (v1)

Sticks and stones may break your bones. Cabers and boulders are much the same, only larger. In fact, nearly anything can break bones if you throw it hard enough – warhammers, small trees, enemies…


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-Barbarian- Path of the Mighty v1

You can also find the PDF version here.


A barbarian of the Path of the Mighty is an odd combatant. Where most barbarians simply wield giant weapons and call it a day, these barbarians desire something with a little more range. Namely the exact same giant weapons, but hurled at their foes’ faces.



  • Let he who is without weakness throw the first battleaxe! Or warhammer! Or maul! Anything, really.
  • And why stop there? Shove enemies around, and literally fling your allies into the fray!
  • Of course, no warrior is complete with a few extra martial skills! Such as Weapon Proficiency: Creature!



  • In the beginning, I just wanted to make something vaguely inspired by the Gyrm from Dark Souls II – stout, anvil-chucking maniacs. Then, however, I saw a comic book panel where someone was swinging Iron Man around like a bat. While I can’t find it now, it was hilarious to me.
  • I’m quite happy with where this one went. I also think it makes for a solid subclass – it has a wealth of options, and doesn’t really rely on any assumptions to be viable. Thanks to Blade Flinger you still get something from your subclass even in scenarios where shoving and grappling aren’t options.
  • That being said, the majority of the “cool factor” with this one is the whole throwing people and using people as weapons. So if you can’t do either of those, it feels significantly less fun. Additionally, this subclass does absolutely nothing for the barbarian outside of combat; this is one of the requirements for a good barbarian Path that I mentioned in my analysis post, so that’s a pretty big problem.
  • Overall, I’m happy with it. Sure, it’s lacking in some areas, but those weaknesses don’t completely ruin anything. Plus, having some weaknesses is good, and I can always add new stuff in later if I think of some.


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