Sea Domain Cleric v1

Salt on the breeze, lapping waves and cawing gulls, the sight of land shrinking far in the distance… the sea holds many wonders, but so too does it hold many terrors. Sailors are ever-ready to explore the wide horizon, far, far from land. It is the job of the clerics, then, to guide them back home.

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-Cleric- Sea Domain v1

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A cleric of the Sea Domain typically serves as a navigator – in addition to guiding souls, they are quite proficient at plotting courses over the open seas. Their primary objective, however, is the safety of their crew both physically and spiritually. These skills transfer easily to adventuring… after all, what is a sea voyage if not the greatest of adventures?


  • Sing shanties and sway with the sea – traversing around is as easy as the breeze!
  • Like an albatross around the neck, anchor your foes with spiritual might!
  • Drowned men tell no tales! Even with no water in sight, suffocation is never out of the question.


  • This, much like the Agriculture Cleric, is a result of my efforts to round out the cleric Domains using real-world mythology. I looked specifically for things that weren’t already represented – this one almost didn’t make it, due to the Tempest Cleric’s existence. Ultimately, though, a lightning storm doesn’t have to be at sea, but a Sea Cleric certainly does.
  • Behind this subclass lies the principle of support. The cleric is already a versatile class, and one of the best at supporting their party. Where they suffer, however, is in directly hindering enemies (without relying on damage), and in their relative lack of mobility.
  • Unfortunately, I’m not sure this class has too solid of a backbone mechanically. I like the flavor, and I think it’s really solid. But the mechanics? They just fall a bit flat for me. I like the concept of a mobile support cleric, but I’m afraid the execution falls a little short.
  • I’m not sure if this class is really playable yet, to be honest. I think it’s balanced, so it shouldn’t be overpowered or too underpowered, but I do think it’s boring. I’ll rework it eventually, but for now I just want to gauge how this iteration holds up.

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