Agriculture Domain Cleric (v1)

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that matter most. A good crop, a faithful hound, or a quiet and welcoming night. Pastoral life is peaceful, and yet strengthening. But wherever there is peace, violence will soon arrive – but for the defenders of it and their unwavering faith.

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-Cleric- Agriculture Domain v1

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A cleric of the Agriculture Domain, sometimes called a shepherd or cultivator, serves as the spiritual anchor of their community, as well as one of its most powerful defenders. Where others use their own power to protect their wards, a cultivator instead simply reminds their companions of the strength that already lies within.


  • Strengthen your allies, empowering them with healing! More so that simply restoring health, you revitalize and enhance as well!
  • Who needs weapons? Just grab a shovel, rake, or hoe and fight for what’s right!
  • When there are those in need, share like any good neighbor and spread your power to any who need it.
  • Topping off an ally with extra health? Let nothing go to waste! Bolster them for the battles ahead!


  • A while back, I sat down to think about clerics. Specifically, I wanted to apply my knowledge of classical history to homebrew. So I started looking at classical gods and their domains of influence, and seeing which ones didn’t have analogues in 5e. Agriculture was an immediate standout.
  • With the role as “ultimate party healer” already taken by the Life Cleric, I wanted to look at a different type of support here. Basically, I wanted a healer that reflected the feeling after a good, hearty meal – healthy, powerful, and enduring.
  • Now, I think I’ve nailed that. I really love this iteration of healer. It’s like the wizard of healing, where the Life Cleric is more like a sorcerer (all about the burst). However… it feels a bit like a one trick pony, doesn’t it? I worry that it is – it does what it does, and it does it well, but is that enough?
  • All in all, I’m torn on this subclass. On the one hand, I love the concept – an endurance healer who bolsters allies as they restore hit points is a super interesting concept to me. But at the same time, that’s pretty much all this subclass does.

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