Timewarped Sorcerer (v1)

Time passes so quickly – get a new job, and suddenly its been a month since you’ve made a new homebrew. But time doesn’t pass the same for everyone… some pay too much attention, and can practically feel the time slipping through their fingers. Others are too lax, and find time to be a thing they only occasionally notice at all.


For the ones who fall somewhere in between, there is the Timewarped Sorcerer!

-Sorcerer- Timewarped v1

You can also find the PDF version here.


The Timewarped sorcerer is a different take on the “time mage” concept, which usually manifests as a wizard archetype. This sorcerer is naturally attuned to the ebb and flow of time, and can bend it in small ways to serve their own purposes. Their power mostly manifests through changes to their own time, but can occasionally leech time from others as well.



  • Look fantastic for your age!
  • You can keep up with the best of them too, making quickened strikes after spellcasting or attacking!
  • Why stop at Quickening your spells, when you can Quicken yourself too!
  • Delay some damage with a Timely Dodge! It seems almost uncannily familiar, huh?
  • Drain the time from your enemies – all the goodness of slow and haste in one!



  • This is intended as a remix of the time wizard, which is something I’ve seen several times. I had originally wanted to make my own chronomage, but I couldn’t come up with a way to make it unique from the others I’ve seen. So, instead, we’ve gone down a different route – rather than studying time, the sorcerer is intertwined with it on a much more personal level.
  • This is also intended to be a counterpoint to the Stone sorcerer (from one of WotC’s Unearthed Arcana articles). Whereas the Stone sorcerer is a bit of a solid, Strength-y melee sorcerer, the hope is that this serves as a faster, more Dexterity-y melee sorcerer. Additionally, the Stone sorcerer has a bit of a paladin feel to it with its protective abilities – this sorcerer should be much more focused on personal power.
  • All things considered, I’m pretty confident with the features as they stand now. Timeless Appearance is a nice little ribbon, and the other features all serve their purpose.
  • The only exception to this is Chronodrain – I’m honestly not sure if I want to keep it or switch to a different concept entirely. Everything else is so personal, it feels sort of weird to suddenly be using time magic on someone else instead. But we’ll see.


So, let me know what you think!

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