Updated Homebrews 3!

Time to update some ‘brews! Mass-update posts like this might slow down a bit as I slow down my breakneck pace of releases – I’m going to be concentrating on a few bigger projects for a bit, but the ‘brews still won’t stop (completely)!


Read on below for the updated ‘brews and changelogs for each!


Pestilence Domain Cleric

  • Changed the wording on Blight Spreader to make it a bit more easy-to-understand and also a bit less likely to make all of your friends sick to their stomachs.
  • Removed editing references from Domain Spells table.


School of Shadow Magic Wizard

  • No major changes; expect to see a rework of this eventually that makes it into a prestige class rather than a wizard subclass.


Knife Thrower Rogue

  • No changes.
    • I’m fairly happy with this one, and after doing some better math on it the subclass seems to be fairly balanced. It actually comes in a bit weaker than a rogue that doesn’t use knives, which is fine by me.


Shrouded One Patron Warlock

  • Reworked Means to an End. The feature now requires you to use a bonus action to activate it, and grants you proficiency in one skill, tool, or weapon until the end of your next short rest. You can also use it on a skill or tool proficiency you already have to add your Charisma modifier as a bonus (in addition to the normal ability score modifier and proficiency bonus).
  • Tweaked Shadowcloak and Calling to the Shroud to reference the new Means to an End properly.
  • Reworded Voidshield to be more understandable.


School of the Arcane Wizard

  • Reworked Spell Expertise. It now grants you two bonus spell preparation slots that can be used to prepare single-use spells. You can prepare a spell using more than one slot to cast it more than once before it fades from your mind.
  • Reworked Filaments of Magic. It now allows you to enhance your spells using techniques from a different school of magic. As a bonus action after casting a spell, you can give that spell one of the secondary effects of a school of magic different from that of the original spell. This ability is usable a number of times per long rest equal to your Intelligence modifier.
    • These effects are meant to allow your spells to fill multiple rolls. Most of the options, from  have different effects depending on the target of the spell. Some options, like Abjuration or Evocation, only have use in spells against allies and enemies respectively. Other options are simple utility features, such as with Illusion or Conjuration.
  • Reworked Variety Casting. It now pairs with Spell Expertise and allows you to prepare your bonus preparation slots during a short rest. This means you can get more use out of them, and also have a bit of flexibility. I’m unsure if it’s clear enough that already expended bonus preparation slots can be re-prepared during this time – if so, I’ll have to reword things.
  • Reworked Greater Spell Expertise. It still increases the number of spells you can prepare, but now also lets you switch some of your prepared spells during a short rest. You can only switch a number of spells equal to your Intelligence modifier.


And that’s it for this update! Keep an eye out for upcoming projects, as well as more how-to’s and class analysis posts!

Thanks for reading!

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