Knife-Thrower Rogue (v1)

There are some who say that a sharp wit beats a sharp knife – the former can fly much further. There are some who say such things, yes, but not generally while in the same room as a connoisseur of flying blades. A well-flung knife can cut through expectations as well as skin, and winning at darts is only the least impressive of feats that the masters can pull off.


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Knife-Thrower Rogue

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The Archetypal Subclass

To start off the meat of the how-to’s, I’m going to cover making archetypes, also called subclasses. They’re some of the most popular things to make, even if they aren’t necessarily the easiest. While I still suggest looking at making feats, items, or low-level spells first, here’s how I make my subclasses.


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School of Shadow Magic Wizard (v1)

The phrase “seeing is believing” is the bread-and-butter of the illusionist, who plies their trade in false truths and visible lies. But some take the study even farther, eschewing normal illusions for far tougher stuff, woven out of the shadowy essence of another plane. Halfway between illusion and conjuration, practitioners of Shadow Magic can make an illusory blade hurt just like a real one… as far as you know, anyway.


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School of Shadow Magic Wizard

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