School of the Arcane Wizard (v2)

The generalist wizard is perhaps the best example of how radically different 5e can be from older generations. In some of the oldest editions, a wizard was by default a generalist, or mage, rather than a specialist. The School of the Arcane seeks to replicate this concept, by adding a generalist wizard to the 5e collection.


So, read on for more on the School of the Arcane!

School of the Arcane Wizard v2

You can also find the PDF version here.


This Arcane Tradition is something I’ve been working on for a while now, on and off. I first started in D&D with 2nd Edition, so the lack of a “generalist” wizard in 5e has always weirded me out. But it turns out to be a hard nut to crack, really, so the subclass has gone through a lot of changes.

Currently, this version is heavily influenced by the ideas behind WotC’s Lore Master wizard. But beyond that, this wizard is meant to be a master of versatility – even more so than the normal wizard, a mage should be able to shift from role to role with the greatest of ease.



  • Why be a savant when you can be Well-Rounded? Learn more spells and get Expertise in Arcana as a bonus!
  • Forgot to prepare the right spell for today? No problem!
  • Unlock the secrets of the different schools of magic, using bits of each spell you cast to empower yourself!
  • Mix up your casting for more powerful spells!
  • Lastly, don’t let your own lack of knowledge of spells hold you back!



  • So this is one that I’ve been playing around with for a long time now. It’s hard, it really is. Finding a way to express “general wizard” when the wizard class has barely any generalities is a tough ask in the best of circumstances – trying to make it viable and functioning is a whole further level of difficulty.
  • Most of these features are up for debate, unlike with many of my recent works. I’m happy with them, yes, but I’m very open to the idea that certain ones may not work and may need significant changes.
  • The only feature I’m truly happy with is Well-Rounded. It’s the result of iteration upon iteration on this concept, and I’m happy with how it ended up.
  • Filaments of Magic is the newest thing I’m bringing to this version, so its also the thing that I worry the most about. I look forward to seeing what others think of it, because I’m not crazy sure about it myself.


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