Shrouded One Warlock (v1)

Most people like to know who they’re signing their soul away to, but sometimes that isn’t really a choice. Certain patrons like to operate on a “need-to-know” basis, and even as their dedicated servant… you just don’t need to know.


Shadows, darkness, and mystery abound in the plots of the Shrouded One warlock patron!

Shrouded One Warlock

You can also find the PDF version here.


This is an interesting Patron because its power set is based more on the nature of your interactions with the Patron, rather than their own inherent nature. The Shrouded One could be a demon prince, an old one, or a shadowy Fey – but they all give the same powers of stealth, utility, and efficiency.

The intent here was to have the subclass fulfill a utility/skill role in the group. Since you don’t know anything about your Patron, your powers have to allow you to do whatever it is they might need you to do, all on a moment’s notice. This also makes this a perfect Patron for those whose own goals have a large variety of needs and tasks.



  • You’ve got the skills to pay all the bills!
  • Some things are best accomplished under cover of shadow, or under a shroud of invisibility!
  • Get hit? Phase into the Shadowfell to dodge some of the damage!
  • Shroud yourself in magical darkness to accomplish your most daring feats!



  • To begin, I’m unsure of Means to an End on a fundamental level. It seems like it might be hilariously overpowered, but simultaneously I can’t really put into words why that would be true. The limitations on it should prevent it from being too strong, but… who knows.
  • After that, the only big problem the subclass has is with flavor. Having the actual identity of the patron be a mystery causes a few weird effects with maintaining the theme. Is it a Shadowfell thing? Is it demonic? I don’t know!
  • Hopefully, the theme works in the end and the features aren’t too egregious. I foresee this one going through a lot of iteration, however.


Thanks for reading!

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