Updated Homebrews 2!

Once again, I’ve got updates to a bunch of homebrews after getting great feedback! Most of these are from the Hellish Update, but I’ve successfully resisted the urge to name this “The Hellish Update Update”, which I count as a win.


Check below for the updated ‘brews, as well as changelogs!


College of Hymns Bard

  • Minor spelling and wording corrections.

School of Demonology Wizard

  • Fixed terminology problems with demon/devil/fiend. Subclass should now correctly refer to which creature type it’s speaking of in each individual case.
  • Kept the name as “Demonologist” as it’s more immediately recognizable than the alternative. Also I couldn’t think of an alternative. Fiendologist? Fiendomancer? No idea.
  • Reworked Prisoner of Asmodeus. It now allows you to summon a devil with a CR equal to or less than 1 + your wizard level. The devil remains under your control for 1 minute (though you can roleplay with your DM to try to strike a bargain for it to stay longer). It only provides combat services, and refuses to do anything else. Usable once per long rest.
  • Added material components to the conjure devil spell.

Domain of the Damned

  • Corrected the name of the Domain Spells table to “Damned Domain Spells” and removed editing references.
  • Replaced armor of Agathys with inflict wounds on the Domain Spells list, to keep some division between the Hell Cleric and warlocks. The spell diversifies the subclass’s damage portfolio to include something besides fire damage.
  • Removed the gold cost from Ceremonial Blade. DMs should still require players to use daggers of good quality as their ceremonial blades.
  • Added scaling health to the devil summoned by Channel Divinity: Summon Fiend. The devil now gains extra hit points equal to half your cleric level. Damage dealt by the creature now also bypasses resistance to nonmagical attacks. This may get beefed up later.
  • Edited Sacrificial Rite so you no longer literally gouge out the eyes of your victim.
  • Added material components to the conjure devil spell.

Curse Descendant Sorcerer

  • Changed the name of the subclass to Curse-Bearer. Seems like more of a lateral change than an improvement, but I think it’s slightly better.
  • Several features have also had their names changed.
    • Bearer of Curses is now Misery’s Company.
    • Dread Armor is now Dread Ward.
    • Cursemaker is now A Terrible Night.
  • Cleaned up the wording in Misery’s Company and changed it to only offer additional uses after you drop to 0 hit points.
  • Edited Dread Ward to allow for regaining expended sorcery points. The feature now requires 3 sorcery points to activate, but refunds 1 expended sorcery point for each creature that attacks you while you’re under the effects of the feature.
    • This was meant to better tie the subclass features in to the general sorcerer features. Now you should be able to “gamble” on your Dread Ward to regain sorcery points – your curse’s reward for willingly subjecting yourself to suffering.
  • Reworked A Terrible Night. The feature now allows you to curse a target with one of two effects – disadvantage on all saving throws, or taking 2d6 extra necrotic damage from all sources. Whichever effect you don’t choose is then applied to you.

Wishful Sorcerer

  • Replaced fly and haste on the Expanded Spells list with catnap and water breathing. The catnap spell is from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (pg. 151).
    • Some people pointed out that fly and haste are both already fantastic spells – no one has to be encouraged to take them. Instead, these new spells should allow Wishful Sorcerers to have a wider selection of buff spells to choose from, as is the intended purpose of the Expanded Spells list.
  • Reworked Holder of Fate. The feature now allows you to cast a second concentration spell while already concentrating on one, and then maintain concentration on both by using your bonus action each turn. You also expend sorcery points equal to the level of the higher level spell of the two, and only one can target more than one person. Any concentration checks you make have disadvantage, and failing one ends both spells.
    • A lot of people (myself included) worried that the original Holder of Fate was too strong. I had thought that the risk of letting the fighter concentrate on his own haste while on the front lines would be a good counter… but having the whole AC system pointed out to me made me realize that doesn’t work (not to mention that fighters have good Constitution scores in general). The hope now is to allow the sorcerer to diversify which buffs they hand out in combat, while also weakening them by taking up some of their time and making any concentration checks they do make much harder.


And that’s it for this update! Stick around for more how-to articles coming later this week, as well as continued homebrew updates!

Thanks for the help everyone!

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