Bardic Homebrew Inspiration

After last week’s post on barbarians, the time has now come for the second class in the Player’s Handbook – the Rogue, But With a Guitar.

(All bards, please take 4d4 psychic damage from Vicious Mockery; you have disadvantage on your inevitable next attack against me.)

In any case, it’s time to talk bards!


Feel free to read on below / for more knowledge you must know!

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Anatomist Rogue (v1)

Anatomy! The study of the body and how it works has many uses, from pressure-relieving massages to general healing, and even teaching a rogue exactly where it hurts most to have a knife stuck in you.

In case you couldn’t tell, it’s the knife-sticking part that we’re focusing on today.


So, read on below for more of the Anatomist Rogue!

Rogue Anatomist v1

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School of the Arcane Wizard (v2)

The generalist wizard is perhaps the best example of how radically different 5e can be from older generations. In some of the oldest editions, a wizard was by default a generalist, or mage, rather than a specialist. The School of the Arcane seeks to replicate this concept, by adding a generalist wizard to the 5e collection.


So, read on for more on the School of the Arcane!

School of the Arcane Wizard v2

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Running the Rat Race

Funnily enough, when making a Dungeons and Dragons race, speed is the worst thing you can try for. Races aren’t finicky, and they aren’t difficult – they do, however, require a lot of thought and a lot of consideration.

On the upside, there’s probably more bad puns to be made in this article than in any of my previous ones, so lets go!


On your marks, get set…

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Shrouded One Warlock (v1)

Most people like to know who they’re signing their soul away to, but sometimes that isn’t really a choice. Certain patrons like to operate on a “need-to-know” basis, and even as their dedicated servant… you just don’t need to know.


Shadows, darkness, and mystery abound in the plots of the Shrouded One warlock patron!

Shrouded One Warlock

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Rage Against the Campaign

To compliment my series of how-to articles on various aspects of homebrew, I decided to do a sister series covering each of the game’s classes and how they do what they do. To that end, I flipped back in the PHB from Rogue (where else) and got ready to do a post on the first class, alphabetically – bards.

Then I remembered that barbarians are a thing*, and here we are!

*That was a joke. Barbarian fans, please don’t cleave me with your giant axes.


Click below, it’s all the rage right now!

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Tinkerer Artificer (v2)

Today, I’m bringing back another old subclass of mine that I totally forgot to do. The still unpublished WotC artificer is a pretty good addition to the game… save for the fact that it has no tinkerer subclass. Tinkering is the core concept behind the entire artificer fantasy – and it needs a specialization of its own.


So, read on below for more of the Tinkerer Artificer!

Tinkerer Artificer

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Crafting Items (for Homebrewers, not PCs)

Items, items, and more items. I went over items last time, I’m going to go over items this time, and I plan on going over items at least once more after that… and I could still do it again. There’s a lot to items in Dungeons and Dragons – they’re the means to every end, and the almost always the end reward too.


Now, once more into the dungeons!

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Sick Day Double Feature!

So… I’m sick. Still. And, keeping with tradition, that means its time for some sickness-related character options!

Unfortunately, I’m… you know, sick, so I can’t do too much. Instead, I’ve whipped up a quick background to pair with the Pestilence Cleric – the Chronic Illness background!

Chronic Illness Background

You can also look at the PDF for the Chronic Illness background here.

And the entire Sick Day Double feature here.

Thanks for reading!

Feats and Items and Spells, Oh My!

To follow up on the subclass post from last week, I thought we’d tackle the simplest types of homebrew next. These are significantly less popular than subclasses and classes, but simultaneously are some of the easiest ways you can completely change a character.


Without further ado, let’s talk options!

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