Wishful Sorcerer (v1)

Be careful not to get whiplash from today’s update. Far from being cursed, this sorcerer is a source of granted desires and fulfilled wishes. Imbued with the power to aid others in realizing their dreams, this sorcerer is dedicated to sharing their power humbly and graciously.

Read on for a look at the Wishful Sorcerer!


Wishful Sorcerer

You can also find the PDF version here.


To start, I’d like to thank /u/Rex_Gunn for their Wishcrafter Sorcerer, which was the inspiration for this creation. I thought the Wishcrafter was a brilliant idea that was unfortunately hampered by the innate mechanics of 5e, making for something that didn’t work as well as it deserved to.

The Wishful Sorcerer takes a few notes from that, while also expanding to cover more than just genie-based sources of wish magic. As a Wishful Sorcerer, your calling is to inspire others to realize their dreams, and to aid them on the journey. By supporting your friends, perhaps you can even realize a few of your own desires as well.



  • Share out your power, and grant boons to your party! You’ll lose out on a bit of your own strength, but isn’t it better to give rather than to hog it all to yourself?
  • Still a fan favorite, bonus spells allow you to have a little more freedom in choosing spells, and also take beneficial spells normally unavailable to sorcerers!
  • Good deeds, they say, are their own reward… but bonus temporary hit points never hurt!
  • You can’t help forever though, so give your allies the ability to concentrate on their own desires! Like haste or fly, for instance!
  • Lastly, lest your dedication go unrewarded, let yourself in on a bit of the action with copies of the spells you cast on others applied to yourself!



  • This subclass was conceived during my re-making of the Curse Descendant sorcerer. As that subclass (originally a more Infernal-themed thing called a Devilblood Sorcerer) moved more towards being a master of misfortune and debuffing, I wanted to make a counterpart. This became the Wishful Sorcerer, meant to be a party support to contrast with the Curse Descendant’s debuff-centric nature.
  • The key theme here is beneficial, non-healing spells. Someone has to haste the fighter, the barbarian ain’t gonna Bull’s Strength himself, and someone’s got to cast invisibility on the rogue. While the sorcerer isn’t normally the first class you’d think of to fill this role, they aren’t half bad at it – especially if you get Twinned spells involved.
  • To that end, the main power you have is bestowing small benefits on allies, at the cost of your own spell save DC and spell attack bonus… two things you shouldn’t need anyway, if you’re just buffing allies.
  • Beyond that, the main focus is allowing the sorcerer to spread around as many buffs as possible, and keep themselves alive while doing so.
  • My one main worry is Holder of Fate – letting you hand over concentration on something to the person it’s cast on is pretty strong. At the same time, slapping the fighter with the responsibility of concentrating on haste is a risky business… more hits means more concentration checks, and failing one could be devastating.


So, let me know what you think!

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