Cursed Descendant Sorcerer (v1)

Last in the Hellish Update, and in honor of all the cursing I did at myself for losing this next ‘brew and wasting a few days re-making it, here’s a sorcerer who is definitively used to being cursed! In fact, for them the curse is everything – past, present, and future.

Read on and join in the anguish of the Curse Descendant!


Curse Descendant Sorcerer

You can also find the PDF version here.


Originally named the “Devilblood Sorcerer” before a bit of re-branding, the Curse Descendant is all about making the best of a bad situation. Burdened with a curse from the moment of their birth, bestowed for something they may not even know of, the Curse Descendant draws power from their suffering, to deal anguish to others in return.



  • Twist fate around you, and burden others with your misfortune!
  • Always a fan favorite, three bonus spells and an expanded spell list make for a better sorcerous experience (without making the other sorcerers too jealous)!
  • Make others suffer as you do! Invite the attacks and bear out the pain to make your enemies weak to your cursed magic!
  • Twist the curse’s drive to hurt you into a warped boon. By saving you, the curse ensures your continuing suffering!
  • And when your mastery of the curse is complete, use dark magic to decimate your foes!



  • This sorcerer was originally conceived to be a warlock-sorcerer hybrid, in a similar manner to the Pact-Thief rogue, complete with access to warlock spells and Eldritch Invocations. However, that changed a bit during my self-inflicted second pass on the project, after I accidentally lost the original.
  • The new Curse Descendant sorcerer is all about debuffs. Where most sorcerers are blasters pure and simple, I wondered how I could make a sorcerer more focused on weakening her opponents rather than just destroying them outright. If it works as I feel it will, this leaves the job of dealing damage mostly to your companions.
  • As far as features go, I’m quite happy with them as a whole. The initial features – expanded spells and the curse – allow you to better fulfill your debuffer job right off the bat, since sorcerer has few debuffs early on.
  • Dread Armor works well too in my mind, because it encourages you to do dangerous things (get in melee) to weaken your opponents. The presence of vampiric touch on the expanded spell list is meant to help offset the danger.
  • Then we have the last two features. I’m very happy with Prolonged Anguish because it helps you survive better while hampering your foes. However, Cursemaker is where I get worried. I’m simultaneously worried that the effect isn’t worth an 18th level sorcerer’s action each turn, and also afraid that the effect itself is too strong. We’ll see.


In any case, I hope everyone liked the Hellish Update! Later this week we’ll move on to other new creations, so keep an eye out!

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