School of Artifice Wizard (2.0)

The Artificer is one of D&D’s more unusual classes, as it normally has its place only in high-magic, pseudo-science fiction, magi-tech settings. After all, who ever heard of a robotic golem-elf in Lord of the Rings*? However, the idea of magical crafting need not be so limited – surely artificers of magic exist in every world, even if their applications aren’t so technological.

*The presence of Gollum-elves depends on your view of the origins of the hobbit species.


Enter the School of Artifice wizard, enchanter and magic item maker extraordinaire!

School of Artifice Wizard


The call of the School of Artifice is the creation of magical items. While all wizards (and many clerics) are capable of doing this, the School of Artifice focuses on the craft to the exclusion of all else. Your power comes from your possessions, and your ability to empower your allies with them as well. Truthfully, no other wizard has so much cause to experience the adventuring life of the treasure-seeker.



  • Put your crafting where your mouth is, and make your own magic items!
  • Not only are you an enchanter, you’re an artisan as well, able to make items to enchant all by yourself!
  • Interact with objects like never before! You can store spells, learn spells from items, and attune to additional items!
  • Use Disjunction on your foes, and watch their magic fail them in their time of need!



  • The principle goal of this subclass is to add an old-style artificer to the game. This homebrew is heavily inspired by the artificer wizard from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition – creating temporary magic items, storing spells, and using disjunction (which used to be a freakin’ spell, if you can believe it) to absolutely wreak havoc on your foes.
  • As such, this subclass steps on the toes of the Artificer class quite a bit. This is intentional.
  • I do have a couple of concerns, however. Chief among them is the whole concept of Quickened Artifice. Temporary magic items is… a weird concept. Whether or not it works and is balanced properly is always up for debate.
  • I also have a debilitating fear of disjunction in all forms because holy shit have you seen that shit? Spell’s craaaaaazy powerful. And the feature potentially could be too!


So, let me know what you think!

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