Pestilence Domain Cleric (v1)

In a weirdly thematic turn of events, you can blame today’s subclass for why today’s update is a day late! Plagues and diseases are part of the world no matter what we mortals think of the fact – sickness is as divine as anything else found in this existence. And some find beauty in illness, in the efficiency and cold-hearted savagery of disease…


Read on for more on the insidious, malignant Pestilence Domain Cleric!

Pestilence Domain Cleric

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Coming Soon… How to Brew!

Well, I’m back after spending the holidays with no wifi (truly a fate worse than death) and, on top of that, being horribly ill the whole time.

But enough about me and my lousy Constitution score, there are announcements to make!


Next week I’ll be starting a series of tutorials on homebrewing!

These articles – currently called “Brewer’s Tools” – are aimed at giving advice to novice and master homebrewers alike. For those of you new to ‘brewing, these should help you get a better idea of what you’re doing. And for the more experienced out there, this should serve as a good way to get an idea of my own personal styles (and maybe let me know about your techniques too).

Don’t worry, new homebrew isn’t going to be absent while I’m doing all this – a new creation should be coming tomorrow! And trust me, it’ll be punishing… for me. Since I’m still sick.


Oh well. Onwards!

Wishful Sorcerer (v1)

Be careful not to get whiplash from today’s update. Far from being cursed, this sorcerer is a source of granted desires and fulfilled wishes. Imbued with the power to aid others in realizing their dreams, this sorcerer is dedicated to sharing their power humbly and graciously.

Read on for a look at the Wishful Sorcerer!


Wishful Sorcerer

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Cursed Descendant Sorcerer (v1)

Last in the Hellish Update, and in honor of all the cursing I did at myself for losing this next ‘brew and wasting a few days re-making it, here’s a sorcerer who is definitively used to being cursed! In fact, for them the curse is everything – past, present, and future.

Read on and join in the anguish of the Curse Descendant!


Curse Descendant Sorcerer

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Domain of the Damned Cleric (v1)

Next in our Hellish Update, we have the classic cultastic end-of-the-world master… the Hell Cleric. This is an alternate interpretation to the more obvious Fiend warlock, which focuses on the more religious idea of demons. For these cultists, the end-of-the-world is paradise, and they the rightful rulers of what comes before.


So sit back and put your faith in the gods below and their loyal servants… and join the Domain of the Damned!

Hell Cleric Domain

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School of Demonology Wizard (v1)

To usher in the new era of the Hellish Update, we have the binder of demons, the dominator of fiends, and the quintessential master of summonings. It takes a lot to control a being as powerful, vain, and self-centered as a fiend, and these spellcasters do so with vigor and enthusiasm.


Read on for more about the School of Demonology!

School of Demonology Wizard v0.5

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School of Artifice Wizard (2.0)

The Artificer is one of D&D’s more unusual classes, as it normally has its place only in high-magic, pseudo-science fiction, magi-tech settings. After all, who ever heard of a robotic golem-elf in Lord of the Rings*? However, the idea of magical crafting need not be so limited – surely artificers of magic exist in every world, even if their applications aren’t so technological.

*The presence of Gollum-elves depends on your view of the origins of the hobbit species.


Enter the School of Artifice wizard, enchanter and magic item maker extraordinaire!

School of Artifice Wizard

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