School of Theology Wizard (2.0)

I thought I had stumbled upon a pretty fun idea here, and then Wizards of the Coast released their own take on it like two days later. However, I’m not a fan of their “cleric but better and with wizard spells” take on it, so instead…


Read below, and get your master’s in the School of Theology wizard!

School of Theology Wizard

The basic concept behind the school of theology is the gods’ existence as things to be studied. Wherever there are things to be studied, wizards surely won’t be far behind. And while many of their wizardly peers will deride their “sad devotion to those ancient religions” (Motti hardly classifies as a wizard, but still)… a wizard is a wizard, and a wizard never abandons their studies.



  • With your vast divine knowledge, you can learn and cast cleric spells!
  • Each time you cast a cleric spell, you can spin off divine power to heal or harm!
  • Become a true scholar of your field, and unlock the secrets of the divine itself.
  • Also, you can fireball stuff!
  • With the power of the gods!



  • I’ve always like this theology wizard. I enjoy the way it works out, and I feel very happy with its uniqueness when compared to other clerics and divine-based classes. One of my chief complaints with WotC’s take on things is how copycat their theology wizard ends up being.
  • That being said, I know that this has problems. The Righteous Spellcasting system looks and feels clunky, and it doesn’t do as much for the subclass as I would’ve hoped. While I may be happy with how the subclass integrates and differentiates itself from its cleric subclass counterpart, the basic experience of the theology wizard needs work.
  • Of course, I do think all of this is usable. It should be balanced, and completely safe for use. (Do let me know if it isn’t, though!)School of Theology Wizard


Hope you all enjoy it!

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