Oath of Dragons Paladin (2.0)

Much as this is one of my oldest homebrew creations, metallic dragons are some of the oldest do-gooders in the D&D world. This oath focuses on those paladins inspired by the oldest heroes. They draw upon the wisdom of eons, keeping a tradition older than time alive for years to come.


To take on the mantle of the Dragon Knight, read below for more on the Oath of Dragons paladin!

Oath of Dragons Paladin


The Oath of Dragons keeps to tenets inspired by the heroics of the Metallic Dragons. These emphasize humility and perseverance above all else – having the strength to do good against all odds and for little to no reward is the mark of a true hero.

However, there are also those who take the lessons of dragons and use them to darker ends… these Dragon Knights, inspired by the cruelty and selfishness of the Chromatic Dragons, use their power for evil and for their own ends. Their tenets are much the same, save twisted towards greed and avarice.



  • Breathe fire! Or cold! Or lightning! It depends.
  • Roar and inspire fear in your foes! Your armor is like scales, and your weapon attacks like claws, and your power unmistakable.
  • Hunt down dangerous magical items for safekeeping! Keep these items out of malicious hands within your very own dragon hoard!
  • When all seems lost, take flight as a draconic aspect of pure power!



  • This is one of my first homebrew creations, and I remain quite happy with it even today. It had a lot of success when I first posted it, and even made it into the first version of r/UnearthedArcana’s Curated Collection! (This was before I was put in charge of that, just FYI.)
  • Like I said, I’m happy with most things in this subclass. That being said, I haven’t really done a paladin subclass since this, and so I’ve never thought about it as deeply as I did other things, like rogue subclasses, spells, or full classes. So there’s potentially some issues here.


Hope you all enjoy it!

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