Circle of the Night Druid (1.0)

Wilderness borders cities. At least, that’s how most see it – but the primal wildness of nature cannot be contained or kept out. No city, no town, no kingdom is immune to the darkest desires that lurk in the hearts of all living creatures.


When that wildness surges to the forefront, few know how to deal with it better than the Circle of the Night Druids.

Circle of the Night Druid


The Circle of the Night is for druids who take to the cities as their brethren take to the forests, the grasslands, the deserts, and the mountains. They are at home on the streets, and understand criminal nature for the animalistic thing it is. The balance of nature must be maintained, even within the places that believe they have left nature behind long ago.



  • Use your Wild Shape forms for more than just combat! Special Circle Forms allow for scouting, intel-gathering, and other utility!
  • Want to be a melee druid without having to be a bear or dire wolf? Take to the field yourself with Extra Attack and opportunity attack abilities!
  • Lock down fleeing enemies by turning them into sick animals! What’s worse… being caught or having to spend a whole minute as a nauseous raven?
  • Embrace the animal within, and keep the peace!



  • The Circle of the Night druid was designed as a sort of rogue-druid fusion. The basic concept is to allow the druid to use Wild Shape for utility purposes more readily, specifically by allowing flying creatures at 2nd level, rather than 8th.
  • This should be balanced out by the complete uselessness of these Circle Forms in combat, which is intentional. You use your Wild Shape to track down your prey, and then fight them hand to hand yourself.
  • In general, my question with this subclass is… does it work? I really like the concept, and I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of the ideas down on paper well, but I really just need to know whether or not it works in the end.


So, let me know what you think!

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