The Half-Fey Race (1.0)

The Feywild is a wild and mysterious place. Sometimes, its presence on the Material Plane leaves echoes – the wild sanctuaries of the druids, or the weird forests where time and nature seem confused. Other times, it leaves children with minds full of adventure and a view of the world unlike anyone else.


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Half Fey Race

You can also find the PDF version here!

Essentially, the half-fey are identical to the elves save for their “Fey Ancestry” is a lot more recent. Having a fey parent can cause a few interesting effects, but hey… what’s life without a little fun?

The wings certainly help with that.



  • Three distinct subraces, including the offspring of dryads, nymphs, and sylphs!
  • Each subrace is visually distinct and caters to different character types!
  • Fully balanced using typical player race calculations! (They’re actually weaker than dwarves, technically…)



  • I feel like the half-fey are a fairly complete race. There’s always room for improvement, of course, however I’m pretty happy with where they are now.
  • Flavor-wise, I like the half-fey for providing an alternate to elves for players who want a mysterious and weird character. They also have a lot of diversity – each subrace seems like it could be its own race, but I like it much better with them all together.
  • My only major concern with the race is, predictably enough, with the sylphae flight. For some reason, flight is always a sticking point for balance – looking at the calculations, the sylphae should be balanced… but everyone has their own opinion of exactly how strong flight is.


So, let me know what you think!

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