School of War Wizard (2.0)

The inevitable Warmage – one of the first concepts many people try in D&D. It was certainly one of my first character concepts, and I’ve been fond of it ever since. This take on it focuses on tactics and strategy. The thinking soldier, as it were.


Check the dossier below for everything about the School of War!

School of War Wizard

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School of Theology Wizard (2.0)

I thought I had stumbled upon a pretty fun idea here, and then Wizards of the Coast released their own take on it like two days later. However, I’m not a fan of their “cleric but better and with wizard spells” take on it, so instead…


Read below, and get your master’s in the School of Theology wizard!

School of Theology Wizard

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Oath of Dragons Paladin (2.0)

Much as this is one of my oldest homebrew creations, metallic dragons are some of the oldest do-gooders in the D&D world. This oath focuses on those paladins inspired by the oldest heroes. They draw upon the wisdom of eons, keeping a tradition older than time alive for years to come.


To take on the mantle of the Dragon Knight, read below for more on the Oath of Dragons paladin!

Oath of Dragons Paladin

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Circle of the Night Druid (1.0)

Wilderness borders cities. At least, that’s how most see it – but the primal wildness of nature cannot be contained or kept out. No city, no town, no kingdom is immune to the darkest desires that lurk in the hearts of all living creatures.


When that wildness surges to the forefront, few know how to deal with it better than the Circle of the Night Druids.

Circle of the Night Druid

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The Half-Fey Race (1.0)

The Feywild is a wild and mysterious place. Sometimes, its presence on the Material Plane leaves echoes – the wild sanctuaries of the druids, or the weird forests where time and nature seem confused. Other times, it leaves children with minds full of adventure and a view of the world unlike anyone else.


Read on for more on the Half-Fey!

Half Fey Race

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